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letter of James in Bible

Recovering the Lost Letter of Jacob

Michael Brown says it is high time the English-speaking church recovers the long-lost letter of Jacob, which we have wrongly called the letter of James for the past 500 years.

Men's Conference

What Could 50,000 Pastors Do?

If America’s pastors would make men’s discipleship a high priority, there is no limit to what could be done for the cause of Christ.

Barack Obama

Obama's Acrobatics on Homosexual 'Marriage'

The number of flip-flops President Obama has now performed on the issue of marriage would be impressive for an Olympic gymnast. Read about how his views on homosexual marriage have changed, and what it means for the U.S.

Husband and wife

Men, Put On Your Super Hero Cape Again

Husbands, you were once the knight in shining armor to the woman who fell in love with you. Sherri Mills, author of the book, Marriage 101 for Men, encourages you to ride to her rescue again.

Prescription drugs

Hidden Epidemic: Medicines That Kill

With billions of prescriptions being written each year, cardiologist Dr. James Marcum says that medications are killing more and more individuals.

Indian woman carrying laundry

International Women's Day: How to Pray for Women Around the World

Around the world every day, women and girls are victims of violence, abuse, human  trafficking and "gendercide"—the practice of aborting baby girls. Today is International Women's Day, and here are some ways we can pray for our sisters around the world.

Happy single man

Scriptures Grant Men the Right of Marriage Refusal

The Christian man who has turned his back on the dating scene is not to be consumed with bitterness, selfish anger, vengefulness or hate. He is called to love women as his neighbors or as his sisters in Christ.


Obama Drops His Family Friendly Mask

President Obama promised to "fundamentally transform America." Few then realized he meant it. More than re-defining marriage, he is abolishing it.

woman in pain

Can God Bless You When You're in Pain?

We spend most of our lives avoiding pain, yet God can use it for His glory. Speaker and author Priscilla Shirer shares this poignant story of working through an encounter with a scarred child.


Carman Searches for Meaning in Cancer Diagnosis

With so many emotions rolling through his soul, Carman thought to himself, “Wow, is this how it ends?” Read more about the artistic evangelist's first reactions to his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Obesity and calories

Despite Obesity Rise, U.S. Calories Trending Downward

Surprisingly, the obesity rate for both men and women continues to climb despite the consumption of fewer calories over the past decade, according to survey data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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