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woman climbing mountain

The Value of the Struggle That Will Not End

If you're wondering what's the point of an illness or financial battle or challenge where there's no relief in sight, Wendy Alsup offers some insight from the Bible to encourage you.

Melissa Trevathan

Finding Freedom in Parenting

Are you free to enjoy your child? Daystar Counseling Ministries founder Melissa Trevathan shares how you can be the parent God frees you to be.

Teresa Shields Parker

Weight Loss, Sin and the Metal Lawn Chair

Teresa Shields Parker was 430 lbs. She taught Sunday school and lived a devout life yet she was ensnared by common sin that the church doesn't talk about. Here's her story of finding freedom.

woman looking up

The Unknown Year Ahead

You can make your plans and resolutions but an uncertain year lies in front of you. Here's a fresh reminder of our ultimate goal for the new year.

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God's Eternal Purpose

Pastor Terri Crist tells us how to step into the eternal purpose of God.

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Honesty and Truth Will Always Overcome Darkness

Being transparent about your weakness can be uncomfortable. Author and blogger Wendy Alsup shares how her doctor's transparency and the honesty of a group of women changed her.

woman reading bible

Hold On to Your Promise From God

Has God promised you something and you're still waiting for the fulfillment? Here's a lesson from Mary who gave birth to Jesus.

Holy Spirit

Who Is This Holy Spirit?

The Scriptures describe the Holy Spirit as possessing all the essential characteristics of God. He is no more and no less than God Himself.

praying woman

6 Keys to Preparing for Revival

If you're asking God to consume you with a holy passion for His presence, look out. He has to prepare the altar of sacrifice first—and His methods could be uncomfortable.

woman armed

Prepare for Battle

We will encounter fierce opposition when we dare to walk in faith. But victory is ours when God anoints us with His power.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

There is Power in the Blood

In going to the cross, Jesus Christ reconciled mankind to a Holy God. Today, his sacrifice offers us even more than salvation.

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