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Why Your Child Needs a Safe Place to Fail

Is your child secure in knowing that they can mess up and you will respond in a godly manner? Here's why children need to feel safe when they fail at home.

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When Change Hurts

Where's God when transition hurls pain your way? Here's how God steps in when you can't control change.

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Reboot Your Marriage

The restoration of marriage is one of the indicators of an awakening in America. Here's what you can do to invigorate your marriage.

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The Key to a Successful Life

Unless we are motivated by obedience to the Word of God, we will never know true success for our lives.

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How God Speaks While You Sleep

God delights in communicating with us. Our spirits can entertain His voice and be encouraged, even in our sleep.

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Don't Let Teens Get a Bad Rap

Nowadays we give teenagers a bad rap. Here's how you can stop teens from taking a bad rap when they are trying to live a godly life.


The Power of Godly Friendships

Did you know the devil is better at friendships and relationships than most Christians? Here's why your friendships are important to God's cause.

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Isolation Will Cost You Spiritually

In a social-media saturated culture, it's easy to hide behind a computer. Here's why community is important for you to grow spiritually.


4 Things to Do While Waiting on God

If you're waiting on God but want to move forward, here are four things you should do while waiting. You'll move forward while being faithful in these key areas.


How Discernment Grows Into Pride

Discernment could be a weakness if you don't use this gift to build the body of Christ. Here's how to make sure discernment doesn't turn into pride.

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Finding Rest in God

Resting in God is not an unattainable spiritual exercise. Here's how to walk into His rest.

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Guard the Glory of God in Your Life

The indwelling presence of our glorious Lord makes the Christian life supernatural. We must cherish this glory always and never exchange it for empty promises of human approval and reward.


Loving Unlovable Kids

When you love the kid that doesn't fit in, you plant a message that they are important to God. Here's how your words can change a life when someone else says they are worthless.

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When I Should Have Died

A woman struck with cancer during her pregnancy is given a death sentence. Here's how God answered by not bringing instant healing.
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