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The One Way You Learn to Trust God

In those years, for the most part, they repeated the same obedience day after day with no hint that it really mattered.

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Take This Step Before You Judge

We see this theme repeated time and again in God's Word: We cannot judge truth until we know and apply truth.

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The Real Reason We Need to Wait on God

Over and over again, we read stories from the Bible of people who mishandled their waiting times. Here's what we need to learn about waiting.

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7 Stumbling Blocks to Sexual Purity

Women struggle with sexual temptation as much as men although it's more subtle. Here are 7 ways that women silently struggle.

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The Only Test God Gives

Here's the ultimate test that God gives us in our journey through life.

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Making Your Faith Sticky

Christian parents can get hopeless as they watch their children choose not to follow their faith when they grow up. Here's what makes Christianity sticky for your kids.

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Why You Feel Empty

If you're rushing through your day with a nagging sense that you're missing something, here's what you're missing.

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