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single mom with son

Single Moms: How God Walks With You

As a single mom, you may feel the odds are against you. But with the help of God, you can raise up the next generation for Christ. 

girl looking at guy

How to Prepare for a Godly Man

If you're single and attracted to someone in your church, what do you do? Learn some practical principles for stepping into the dating scene.

young Chinese woman

Find the Beauty of Godliness in You

We're bombarded with messages emphasizing our worth through our physical beauty. Author Michelle MicKinney Hammond shares principles from God's word about finding your worth through God alone.

Stephanie Singer

Showing God's Love to the LGBT Community

Stephanie Singer walked away from church because she was struggling with her sexuality. Here's how God reached Stephanie in her LGBT lifestyle.

girl opening door

Spiritual Maturity Test: 4 Questions to Ponder

Spiritual maturity doesn't mean you're a spiritual superstar who has a perfect life. Bible teacher Kim Martinez shares her insight on what it means to be grown up spiritually.

woman looking in mirror

Does Your Appearance Glorify God?

What you wear can make a difference on how others perceive you. Author and speaker Devi Titus shares why we should teach our children how to dress well.

Darlene Zschech

How to Be a True Worshipper

Former Hillsong Church worship pastor Darlene Zschech was a church singer for many years. Then God showed her in one moment what He considered true worship.

mom holding baby and ironing

Anointed for Motherly Ministry

Feeding and clothing your children can feel like a boring, mundane task. Megan Breedlove is a mother of five kids. Here's how God showed her being a mom was a ministry.

frustrated business woman

You Don't Have to Be Good at Everything

You don't have to be a superstar worker bee to glorify God. You can turn your work or job into an act of worship with this attitude Christy Fitzwater shares.

work group

Finding God at Your Job

The God of the Universe won't be confined to a building. Today He is moving among frontline believers whose mission field is corporate America.


mom and son

Am I A Bad Parent?

Do you ever wonder if you're blowing it as a parent? Children's Ministry Director Gina McClain tackled this question at a recent parent's conference. Here's some wisdom from the Word of God.

poverty suffering

Another View on Why God Allows Suffering

Some Christians believe suffering comes from God to help shape our character. Author Wendy Alsup offers another view on the role of suffering.

How to Open the Windows of Heaven

God wants to make the people of the earth jealous for His presence. Learn how you can be part of a people whose lifestyle under an open heaven arouses a hunger for Him.

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