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woman crying

Fighting Loneliness During Christmas

The holiday season can be a lonely time that amplifies the loss of loved ones. If you've lost someone or miss a loved one, Wendy Alsup has some encouragement for you.

woman seeking direction

3 Warnings in Discerning God's Will

Everyone wants to know God's will for their life. It's not that hard, according to blogger Laura Krokos. Here's how you can know God's will right now.
Aimee Semple McPherson

The Legacy of a Miracle

Doctors told Coleman PhillipsÂ’ grandmother she had six months to live. But during a service at Angelus Temple, Aimee Semple McPherson spoke a word of healing and she lived another 50 years, powerfully impacting the future of her family.


How Do You Treat People With Problems?

Are you intimidating or accepting of people who have problems? Pastor Sam Storms challenges us to examine our hearts towards people who are different from us.

holiday tradition

Sharing Christ Through Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas without being influenced by the pressure and stress of the world? Learn how to turn Christmas into a celebration of Jesus.

woman worshipping

How Christ's Triumph Changes Our Struggle

During this holiday season, we remember how Jesus came as a baby. Yet we forget what He needed to do to overcome His enemies. Here's some insight on how Jesus was vulnerable yet fulfilled His purpose.

fighting couple

How Grace Sustains a Troubled Relationship

Ryan Hobbs counseled a couple that had marital problems. They said their communication was OK, but Hobbs discovered a key ingredient missing from their relationship.

women of different races

God's View of a Woman

Women were a key part of Jesus' outreach and ministry team. Here's how Jesus revolutionized the position of women.

Asian woman looking up

What God Sees in You

If you think God is disappointed or mad at you, you might be wrong.

Dr. Linda Mintle

Easing the Pain of Blended Families

Being a stepmom, especially if you contributed to the break-up of your husband's former marriage, is painful. Dr. Linda Mintle has advice for stepmoms wading through the treacherous waters of building a blended family.

David E. Clark

Fighting Loneliness in Your Marriage

Are you living like a single in your marriage? Dr. David E. Clarke has taught marriage seminars for more than 26 years. Here's his advice.

woman behind gate

Arise and Rescue

Our families are under attack by dark spiritual forces. Pastor Steve Gray calls you to take up arms and go on the offensive.

mom with son

Practice the Golden Rule With Your Children

Are your kids driving you crazy? Author, blogger and mom Wendy Alsup has some insight on a lesson she learned from God that helped her with her children.

mom and adult daughter

When Your Kids Grow Up

Your kids are all grown up, and you're wondering who you are now. Bishop T.D. Jakes has some advice on handling this transition with grace.

Ellen Stumbo

How Did I End Up Here?

Have you ever told someone you would never be in the ministry or do a certain thing? And then years later you're doing the very thing you said you would never do? Here's blogger Ellen Stumbo's story.