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woman worshipping

How to Get Lost in Worship

You can enjoy a place of worship where your attention is consumed by His presence. You forget time and place in this holy zone.
woman in fear

Don't Let Worry Rule You

Are you basing your decisions on worry and fear? Here's how you can be free from the tyranny of worry.

man holding a heart

Is It Love or Lust?

The desire for romance has been a stumbling block for many girls and women. Here's how to discern whether you're falling in love or lust.

mom and son

Raising Your Kids in a Culture of Honor

Home is where the heart is—and where a culture of honor begins. Here one way you can demonstrate this biblical principle to your children.

woman looking at sunrise

How Peace Can Create a Miracle

We think of peace as a placid, passive activity. Bible teacher Joyce Tilney shows how God works through peace and contentment.
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