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woman climbing mountain

Taking the Mountain Climb of Faith

Like spiritual mountaineers, we must brave the elements—difficult circumstances—in order to follow the path God has laid out for us.

praising God

Change the Atmosphere With Praise

Where praise is, God is—and the enemy cannot reside. It's time to recognize the awesome power that is released when we declare His majesty.

woman in prison

5 Obstacles to Freedom in Christ

Most Christian women don't consider themselves captives. But if you aren't enjoying all the benefits of a child of God, you might need Christ to set you free.

woman lying on railroad tracks

Matthew Warren's Struggle With Depression Is My Struggle

One out 10 Americans suffers from some form of depression, according to the CDC. Even Christians such as Matthew Warren, can be overcome by this mental illness to the point of suicide. I understand Matthew's battle because I fight depression too. Here's my story.

Susie Larson

Make Room for God's Glory

God desires to move in a fresh way in your life. Focus on the Family radio host and author Susie Larson shares how we need to move out of the way to make room for His glory.

little girls

When You Serve Your Children, You Serve Christ

Taking care of your children isn't a glamorous job. Author and blogger Megan Breedlove is a stay-at-home mom of four children. Here's some inspiration on the ministry aspect of taking care of your kids.

woman in pain

Your Thoughts Can Bring Healing

Unresolved emotional issues can lead to serious illness. Gain control of your thinking, and reclaim your health.

backslidden woman

5 Signs of a Backslidden Heart

Has your heart turned cold or indifferent toward God? You can just go through the motions, or you can fall in love with Him again.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

How to See in the Spirit

Jesus is the source of spiritual vision. But how do things we've never seen or experienced become part of our reality?

frustrated woman

When You Want to Quit

At times giving up may seem reasonable. But the nature of faith is seeing and doing the impossible.

Susie Larson

Guard Against Worldliness and Legalism

Don't let worldiness or legalism overcome your faith. Author and Focus on the Family radio show host Susie Larson shares how God taught her not to be consumed by either one.

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