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Miley Cyrus

3 Lessons for Our Daughters From Miley Cyrus

The controversy over Miley Cyrus's performance has died down, but there are still some lessons to be learned from it for our daughters—and lessons for our sons.

three woman measuring themselves

2 Body Shapes That Are Dangerous for Your Health

Two body shapes make you more prone to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Here's some sound health wisdom from Dr. Don Colbert if you fit any of those categories.

woman stressed out talking

When God Does the Shaking

Do you feel like your life is out of control? You may be in the perfect place for God to do His work. Lisa Bevere tells you why you're in the right place.

Kathy Gray

Joy That Ignites Your Faith

Here's how to tap into the power of joy that carried Jesus through the pain and suffering of persecution and the cross.

Sarah Bessey

The Feminist That Loves Jesus

Feminists have been characterized as radical male-bashers. Author and popular blogger Sarah Bessey casts a new light on the word feminist.

Muslim woman

One Woman's Quest to Share Christ With a Muslim

It’s not every day that you go on a wild ride with the Holy Spirit, but when it happens, it’s pretty incredible! That’s what happened on my last day of class while I was on a summer’s mission trip in the Middle East.

woman climbing mountain

C.S. Lewis on the Higher Place of Faith

Every believer holds a deposit of heaven inside. But we must discipline our minds daily to reflect on the nature of Christ and what is most essential to faith in Him.


woman looking up holding Bible

How to Handle a Prophetic Word

You don't have to play the psychic just because you have a prophetic gift. Encourage others to hear God for themselves.

woman reading letter

Praying Through the Letters

Gina Turner has battled the loss of health and children. She pours out her experience with God's strength during these battles in her latest book, Praying Through the Letters. Enjoy this excerpt.

woman with hamburger

4 Ways to Feed Your Spirit

Spiritual increase requires commitment and effort. Adherence to these four spiritual disciplines will feed your inner woman what she needs to flourish.

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