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Praying Through the Letters

Gina Turner has battled the loss of health and children. She pours out her experience with God's strength during these battles in her latest book, Praying Through the Letters. Enjoy this excerpt.

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4 Ways to Feed Your Spirit

Spiritual increase requires commitment and effort. Adherence to these four spiritual disciplines will feed your inner woman what she needs to flourish.

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Enjoy the Friendship of Christ

Most Christians enjoy the fellowship of other believers. But are we truly aware of what a friend we have in Jesus?

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This Is How We Overcome

Our ability to defeat the enemy in our personal lives is based on our reckoning ourselves dead to sin and alive to God because of Calvary.

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Gear Up for War

This is not a time for passivity. God has called us to be awake and courageous.

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Why Pray for Our Schools?

With the rise of school shootings and bullying, more than ever we need to pray for our schools. Here's what we need to pray for specifically.

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4 Ways You Can Be Spiritually Blind

In the Scriptures, Abraham's territory was limited only by what he could envision. When it comes to your spiritual inheritance, how far can you see?

Susie Larson

Living Ready for Jesus

Are you ready for Jesus' return? Here's how we can live like He's coming back any moment.

Tiffany Samuels

Giving Up Is Not an Option

Tiffany Samuels, at 17 years old, was about to face an enemy. Here's what God showed her about tackling this giant.

Joyce Meyer

3 Ways to Kill a Relationship

You can shut down a relationship with these three qualities. Joyce Meyer tells us how to be free to enjoy people.

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