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When the company decided to construct a new corporate headquarters, the Christian executive was put in charge of the project. He made sure that from the time the contractors started digging until the facilities were finished, everything was covered in prayer.

One day he was approached by some company accountants who were keeping record of the accidents that took place on the project. They were perplexed because the accident numbers were much lower than they would have expected for such a huge endeavor.

They had scrutinized the records to see if there had been underreporting. They checked to see if someone had been tampering with the books. But they found that everything was in complete order.

"It's God," the Christian executive explained, and he went on to give them the same speech he had given his boss.

Sometime later I tried to call this Christian businessman. I could not reach him because he was at a celebration banquet.

Key executives in his company had gathered to celebrate the tangible evidence of the kingdom of God in the company's balance sheet. Five years earlier, this man's department had been $13 million in the red. Now it was recording a surplus of $1.3 million!

When asked how this was possible, the executive declared, "There is no way this could happen without the intervention of the Lord."

Improving the First Step 

The ocean of blessings this company experienced began at the headwaters of a very tiny creek. The key, the origin, was simple obedience. It all began when this Christian executive decided to make blessing his workplace part of his job description.

If you work for an ungodly boss or a corporation where the spiritual climate is repressive, don't let that prevent you from moving forward to bring the kingdom of God to your job. I doubt that your boss or any of your associates are worse than the bosses of Daniel, Joseph or Esther. They served evil, pagan, idol-worshiping kings—but that didn't deter them from fulfilling their destinies.

You may say that your job is less than desirable. Daniel, Joseph and Esther could have said the same thing. Nevertheless, they took the jobs they were given and brought the kingdom of God to the very place where Satan was at work.

They succeeded—as the Christian executive did—because light always defeats darkness.

So take heart. Begin to implement these four steps. Your light will shine in your workplace with ever-increasing brightness, and awesome transformation will come.

Ed Silvoso is founder and president of Harvest Evangelism, an interdenominational ministry committed to helping fulfill the Great Commission.

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