The Romans 10:17 Way You Can Find Your Supernatural Healing

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Many years ago when I first started fulfilling my calling as a healing evangelist, the Lord gave me clear instructions. I was to first teach the people why they could believe for their healing and how to receive it. And that's exactly what I do: teach and then minister.

I am a firm believer that we need to give the people a reason to believe, a foundation for their faith. And this foundation is found only in the Word of God. His Word tells us that "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom. 10:17). And it is this hearing by the word of God that I want to focus on in this devotional.

It says that faith comes by hearing. This word "hearing" in Greek means the act of hearing, listening with our physical ears, (G189, Strong's). Faith comes when we hear the word of the Lord. And it goes on to say, "and hearing by the word of God." The meaning of this Greek word, rhēma, "word," is a supernatural understanding of a topic. And in this situation, it is a supernatural understanding of the healing word that I am imparting to the participants at these healing seminars. But first, the attendees must be willing to come and sit under the healing word and hear with their physical ears. And when they fully surrender their physical ears to the word of God, their spiritual ears open up and the things that were hidden are made known and their faith arises to the occasion. As with the following case.

I was recently in Newfoundland, Canada teaching about healing and ministering it to the people. One particular night, there was a definite anointing for the healing of deaf ears. Whether the person was deaf since birth, by nerve damage or some other event, by the power of the Holy Spirit, deaf ears were being opened. There must have been about 10 to 12 people standing next to each other in the healing line, all suffering from deafness. One by one, all but one received immediately, their ears were opened and they were hearing with delight.

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Why is this? It is because the rhēma word was being taught and they first surrendered their way of beliefs or unbelief, their lack of knowledge concerning healing to the Father in the name of Jesus. They opened up their physical ears, and the revelation of the healing word entered in as I spoke into their spiritual ear, and it took root within the spiritual heart, and they began to speak and believe, act out in faith, for their deliverance and healing from deafness.

I believe the same is true in reverse. When we become spiritually dry, dead within our spirits, and we stop inclining our physical ear to hear the word of the Lord, then our spiritual ear dries up. We become spiritually deaf, and we no longer hear God's word, our faith becomes weak, and we can become sick, even deaf in our physical ears, if we stop listening and believing the promises of God in the Bible for our healing. But these people in the testimony above heard the Good News, believed, received and were delivered and healed from deafness.

"My son, attend to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their body" (Prov. 4:20-22).

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic and The Healing Creed. Visit her at

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