When it looks like everyone else around you is fulfilling the purpose for their lives and God has seemingly forgotten you, do this.
When it looks like everyone else around you is fulfilling the purpose for their lives and God has seemingly forgotten you, do this. (Gratisography)

As you think on your life, I am sure you can identify something you are waiting on. Maybe it's a promotion, a change in your family situation, maybe healing with your health or—you fill in the blank: _____________.

As I think on my own items of waiting, I am wondering how much of just living life I seem to be missing as my mind continually gravitates to where I want to be—waiting for the point in time when I think I've "arrived" or finally "made it."

So I feel challenged to almost remove this word "waiting" from my vocabulary, realizing that even in the said "waiting season," I am being prepared for something much greater, and there is actually more than meets the eye that is building in my life.

The Grass Is Greener—Or Is it?

In this time, it can feel as though nothing good is happening. And as you look around at your friends, family or next-door neighbor, it can seem like the grass is greener on the other side, and in actuality, it might be. But envying someone else means you're moving further away from your own peace, joy and contentment.

The same is true as you focus on the destination of having "made it." Even if you do, in fact, "arrive," you'll only be quickly disappointed because then what, then where will be next?

We all know true contentment, joy and peace don't work that way. They're not connected to a circumstance or surrounding—never have been.

Instead, they're linked within the heart, soul, and mind—the inward workings and the daily grind of your day where life is actually played out and lived out.

Learn From the Celebrities (Most of Them, Anyway!)

It's why writers, musicians, athletes and actors keep creating, producing and practicing their craft long after they've arrived—because they can't help it.

For some, it means living in the gym; for others, it means a guitar is always close by; and for others, it means a story is always in their head.

Even after they've "arrived," you still find them doing the little things, practicing the fundamentals and devoting their time, energy and effort to get better at what they already seem to have mastered.

All because they love what they do. Here joy, peace and contentment are found in the daily grind and the seemingly mundane tasks of life.

So, I am contemplating throwing this word "waiting" out the window (to some degree) because I'll be waiting forever and never actually be learning to love life. I'll miss out on enjoying the daily grind, which seems to be the very breadth and depth of life.

Mikaela Kate sees people living out their God-given purpose as a key to the transformation of this nation. Mikaela currently lives in South Carolina and is an active member of The Father's House Church. You can reach her by email at [email protected] or on her website at www.mikaelakate.com.

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