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Iran carries alarming rates of unemployment, heroin addiction, and suicide. These are the markers of a nation desperate for hope. Almost 80 million people live here. But how can God's Word reach them under strict censorship and surveillance? Most Iranians have never even held a Bible.

Miraculously, these conditions have created the perfect storm to make the Gospel heard. Attitudes are changing in Iran. Half of the population is under the age of twenty-five and thirsty for truth. They have been let down by their communities and their nation. The social problems in their country have pushed them to look for answers in new places - and many are coming to the Lord. But the Christian walk is not easy for them.

Farsi-speaking Christians in Iran are denied the right to own a Bible or enter a church building. They courageously practice their faith under the constant threat of persecution. Spiritual isolation, imprisonment, and family rejection are just a few of the challenges they face.

Iranian Gilbert Hovsepian felt the sting of persecution when his father, Bishop Haik Hovsepian, was brutally martyred for his faith. Others have been cast out by family members or tortured in prison. Gilbert says that "Their crime is Christianity." In this hostile environment, believers have limited resources for fellowship and discipleship. Churches are especially sparse in rural areas.

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But each week, over 2 million Iranians are receiving encouragement and biblical teaching through the SAT-7 PARS satellite television channel. They join a global fellowship of believers in the safety and privacy of their own homes. One viewer writes, "Your channel is my church and my pastor." An Iranian pastor says, "Many are gathering around their TVs and using the broadcasts as a weekly church meeting. They even stand during the songs and take up an offering. You can't imagine how encouraging this is for these believers. Thank you!"

Watch the video and hear Iranian Christians tell their stories in their own words. Find out how you can "deliver hope today" to the persecuted Christians in Iran.

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