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Many of us don't even understand the concept of forgiveness.

4 Steps to Forgiving Others

Too many of us don't really understand what forgiveness is. Here's some great advice to follow.


5 Ways to Resolve Offense

At one point or another we've all been offended by someone, but as Christians we are called to walk in reconciliation. The Bible has laid out a clear plan on how to deal with offense. Do you follow the Lord's laws?  


The Biblical Answer to Broken Relationships

We've all suffered broken relationships with close companions during our lives—a friend, family member or spouse. What is the biblical way to respond—and heal—through those traumatic times? George O. Wood shares the answer.


How to Respond When Life Treats You Unfairly

When you get treated unfairly, getting back at the perpetrator is often our instinctual reaction. But David handled his situation differently, and his decisions can make a tremendous difference in your own life.

The Deadly Deception of Sexual Atheism in the Church

A recent Christian-dating survey revealed a shocking trend among singles in the church. But the deeper spiritual malaise it betrays is even more disturbing. Discover what you can do to reverse the descent.

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The Positive Power of Negative Thinking

As Christians, there can be pressure to "be nice" and say "yes" to everything. But there can be even more positive aspects to saying "no" to certain things and at certain times.

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