Biblical Paradigm Projects Uncertain Future for Biden

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Editor's Note: This is part two of a two-part article. Find part one at this link.

President Trump's Loss Explained by King Josiah

King Josiah's reign ended prematurely in battle. Josiah came against Egypt when Pharaoh Necho was battling Assyria at the Euphrates. Necho sent word to Josiah that God had ordered his military campaign and not to interfere or God would destroy him. Yet Josiah ignored this warning and came against Necho in secret, only to be shot by his archers.

Is it possible that like Josiah, former President Donald Trump was fighting a fight that God did not grant him to fight?

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In the Bible, Egypt can spiritually represent bondage, idolatry and immorality. Who was it that Trump fought against who represents spiritual Egypt? Was it the far left, the squad, the media? It's hard to say. But if he followed the Josiah archetype, he would have been warned not to pursue the fight but fought it anyway.

Will the paradigm end with Trump? We may soon find out. For if this paradigm continues, his immediate successor will be removed by this same opponent.

The Biden Succession

After Josiah's death, the "people of the land" made his fourth son, Jehoahaz, the king. We can presume from the Bible that the people wanted to go back to the old ways because Jehoahaz practiced the same evil as his ancestors (2 Kings 23:30-32).

Similarly, the "people of the land" made Biden Trump's successor, choosing to go back to the old ways. Like Jehoahaz, Biden immediately returned to the ways of Obama. In his first days, he issued more executive orders than any president before him, reinstating the immoral programs Trump had reversed.

Biden went back to supporting the transgender agenda and restarting abortion funding in the U.S. and overseas. He has turned away from Israel, reinstating Palestinian relations and taking steps to appease Iran, all while avoiding any conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So far, Biden seems to fit the archetype of Jehoahaz. However, Jehoahaz's reign was brief, cut short by the same pharaoh who defeated Josiah. Could this paradigm continue with Biden?

A Harris Succession?

While the people chose Jehoahaz, the Egyptian Pharoah Necho wanted Jehoahaz's brother, Eliakim, to be king. Necho deposed Jehoahaz and installed Eliakim as king, renaming him Jehoiakim.

Could Biden's presidency also be cut short? While Biden was considered electable compared to other far-left candidates, he was not the preferred choice for the left. They would have preferred candidates like Kamala Harris over Biden. Is it possible that the same spiritual Egypt that Trump fought could depose Biden?

There has been a lot of press lately about removing a sitting president determined to be unfit for reasons such as health. When Trump caught COVID-19, Nancy Pelosi tried to push new legislation to give Congress more ability to remove a president. Pelosi insisted this was "not about President Trump," but "applies to future presidents."

Could the far left use such a process to depose Biden and replace him with Vice President Kamala Harris?

If (and I emphasize "if") this biblical paradigm continues, the left would depose Biden and replace him with Harris just as Necho replaced Jehoahaz with Jehoiakim.

What would happen then? If the biblical paradigm continues, just as Jehoiakim committed abominations, so would Harris, preparing the way for judgment.

Enemies to Come

Under Jehoiakim, Judah finally met judgment when God sent Babylon against it. Likewise, judgment against America under a possible Harris administration may also come in the form of enemy attacks.

Enemies have already attacked U.S. interests overseas, including its embassies, military bases and naval ships. Enemies have also attacked our computer systems and succeeded in a massive breach of government systems in 2020, including the Pentagon and Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Under judgment, attacks could extend to U.S. space satellites, domestic infrastructure and America's coastline such as its naval bases (as happened with Pearl Harbor and 9/11).

If Trump truly followed the archetype of Josiah, America's enemies may have been forestalled for a time. We can watch and see if this Josiah paradigm ended with the Biden election or continues to play out. If Biden doesn't finish his term, it may signal that judgment is at hand.

Kevin Connelly is the author of West Clouds Rising, a blog which posts signs of the end of this age and explanations of biblical prophecy.

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