Why the Red-Wave Prophecies May Not Have Been Wrong

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So many prayed, prophesied and anticipated the red wave in the midterm elections. Though we did pick up some seats in the Senate and conservative gains were made in several states, the complete takeover of both House and Senate didn't happen. The anticipated wave of conservatism fell short, and many believers are disheartened.

What happened? Several things come to mind.

1. Some of those prophetic words about the Red Wave may be absolutely right in the message, but wrong in the timing. Remember Mark Taylor's prophecy about Trump? He thought it was for 2012, but it was for 2016. Let's not throw those words out—some of them were truly inspired. Let's not mistake faith for presumption. This is called perseverance.

2. A "remnant" doesn't work in government. It takes a majority. Though there is a biblical principle in "the few" changing things in the heavens through prayer, it takes a majority in the natural to govern a nation. For those forerunners and prayer warriors who have been ready to take the land, He's showing us the need for a greater majority in the body of Christ to steward and maintain what He truly wants to give us.

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3. We are divided as a church! Should we be surprised that the governing structure in the land is but a reflection of the ecclesia (the governing body of Christ)? Just look at Facebook and you'll get a fast reality check on where we stand—and it's not together.

4. The election is not an event. It is one short stop on a long journey of establishing God's Kingdom on the earth. God told the Israelites He would take out the giants "little by little" so that they wouldn't be overwhelmed (Deut. 7:22-23). I am reminded of Obama's win in 2012 after the church had prayed so hard. The day before the election, the Lord told me Obama would win—simply because the church wasn't ready. We weren't desperate enough, unified enough or mature enough. Ouch.

The challenge before us is not simply to win another election; it's learning how to come together "as one." Some mindsets need to change. Attitudes need to change. The church needs to change.

Don't give up. God is on our side, and His Word still stands. We may just have some work to do before we see it come to pass.

Wanda Alger is a field correspondent with Intercessors for America. She ministers with her husband in Winchester, Virginia. Follow her blog at wandaalger.me.

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