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Do you apply what you hear from God's Word?

Are You a Hearer Only or a Doer?

As a believer, do you put into practice what you hear and read, or do you simply ignore it and go about your merry way?

Bears' fan

Idolatry: What or Who Do You Worship?

Can you honestly say God is more important that your favorite sports team or your golf outings with your buddies? Where does your time go?

Father scolding son

Never Discipline Whom You’ve Not Discipled

Chastising a child for doing something before teaching them it is wrong is not only counterproductive, but backwards thinking. Find out why discipleship is crucial.

Are you allowing anything to hold you back from achieving your goals?

5 Ways a Man Can Build Resolution

What resolutions are holding you back? What are some areas at your work and in your marriage or family that need attention?

What weapons do you use to fight the good fight of faith?

Are You Fighting the Good Fight?

Temptations arise and bad thoughts happen, even to God’s men. So how do you fight the good fight of faith, especially when you are tempted to do something bad, even evil?

Man in the Mirror Founder and CEO Patrick Morley

Patrick Morley: How God Makes Men

In his new book, How God Makes Men, Man in the Mirror Founder and CEO Patrick Morley shares powerful principles about biblical manhood. Find out how you can get the book.


Why Authentic Humility Is a Godly Trait

These days, humility and desires to become a better man are being drowned out and stampeded over by self-seeking egos. Discover why humility can be found in a real man.

Man and woman enjoying coffee

10 Ways to Save Money on Date Night

Many people are on a budget, but keeping a date night is necessary for the benefit of your marriage. Here are some tips to keep you on your budget.

When it comes to your finances, do you treat your wife as a teammate or a business associate?

Why Teamwork in Marriage Matters

In marriage, consider your spouse your teammate. Find out why this is especially true when it comes to financial matters.

Pornography button

How to Eradicate the Porn Pandemic

Pornography ravages families, fuels sexual addictions and the sex trafficking and slavery industry. Are you willing to get rid of it from your life, and do it God’s way?