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Patrick Morley

How to Seek the God Who Is

Read why suffering compels us to seek the God that success makes us think we don’t need.

Man and wife

6 Ways Your Marriage Can Thrive in a Busy Season

Everyone goes through a chaotic time in life when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Here are some suggestions to help your marriage grow stronger through it.


A Great Holiday Idea for Fathers

Want to know how to make the holidays a DADvent? Read and find out how your family can enjoy the Christmas season more this year.

Do you spend time with your daughter and affirm your love for her?

Dads, Guard Your Princesses

If you don’t shower your daughter with love and attention, then someone you may not want to will. Here are some things you can do to affirm your little girl.

Kenny Luck

Helping the Unmarried Man

Find out how a clear vision of the faithful Creator combined with purposeful service and ministry for Him provides meaning, connection and intimacy.

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