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Dad and daughter

4 Ways to Raise Up Godly Girls

These suggestions will help you not only run a more peaceful household and have a better relationship with your daughters, but will also set a spiritual foundation.

Aren't the Scriptures the best way to define manhood?

20 Verses That Define Mature Manhood

Looking like a man and smelling like a man are all well and good, but doesn't the Word of God supersede such trivial characteristics?

Violence on tv

4 Points Dads Must Make With Their Kids About Violence

How do we help our children understand how wrong violence is, while at the same time respecting our military, staying committed to protecting the innocent, and valuing the importance of self-defense?

Couple kissing

Why You Should Make Out With Your Spouse

If you're not normally given to public displays of affection—or to very little physical affection at all—here are some strong benefits simple kisses can bring.

Dad, how well are you communicating with your daughter?

Dad, Here Are Your Lines

If you're ready to kick it up a notch and daily invest in the heart space of your daughter, here is a decoder version of how girls understand and translate your responses to them.

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