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What are you doing to build your daughter's self-esteem?

Dad, What Kind of Mirror Are You?

Are you standing up as a warrior and fighting for your daughter? Are you doing battle for her so she can see and believe the positive truth about herself?

Dads, are you helping your daughters soar to new heights?

13 Wishes for Dads With Daughters

Clinical counselor Michelle Watson specializes in relationships between fathers and daughters. Here are some things she hopes all dads can experience with their daughters.

Teen texting

Why Are Your Kids Texting and Not Talking?

Before you assume the worst about your non-communicative child or grandchild, consider some reasons that may be behind their overuse of phones and other technology.

Sexual hurt

How God Can Heal Your Sexual Hurt

God's grace is greater than our sin or sadness. Here's what he can do for you emotionally when it comes to the area of sex.