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Happy couple

Cheating Comes with a Huge Price

Men, consider the damage that an adulterous affair can have and pray for God to steer you down the right path.

Youth Awakening

Make Prayer for Youth Awakening a Priority

Former Charisma editor J. Lee Grady shares a word he received for 2013. He pleads with Christians not to give up on this nation. God can orchestrate a miraculous turnaround in the United States.

Reading the Bible

Jesus Paid For Our Spiritual Feast

Like physical hunger and thirst, Christians experience spiritual hunger and thirst every day. Our meals, however, have already been bought.

Husband and wife

Men, Give Your Wife a Voice

If she isn’t able to vocalize her opinion on crucial matters, you may lose your wife in more ways than one.

Church signs

Take the Cheese Out of Church

The message may be harsh, but many of us can skip the silly rhetoric that we see on some church signs these days.


Who is Your Go To Team?

When real friends are nowhere to be found, always know that Jesus is the one you can rely upon.

Newtown Mourners

Love Brings the Greatest Revenge

Darren Wilson, creator of the film trilogy Father of Lights, says it took the prayers of his 11-year-old daughter to point out his hypocrisy after the Sandy Hook, Conn., tragedy.

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