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Pornography keyboard

Why Trying Harder Doesn’t Always Work

Discover how, when correctly equipped with the right weapons, men can defeat the enemy and live victoriously and free from sexual bondage.

Father and son

4 Big Fathering Mistakes to Avoid

As fathers, we can be well-intentioned and love our children but still mess up big-time. Find out what to do to avoid that.

Romantic couple

8 Things Women Want From Men

Discover what’s Todd Mayfield says are some of the most basic things men can share with their women to make them feel loved.

Overwhelmed man

How Are Men Doing in This Day and Age?

As America staggers beneath the load of a hundred major problems like divorce, fatherlessness, poverty, pornography, adultery, abortion, disrespect for authority, ethical failures and truancy—where have the men gone?

Father and Daughter

Stop Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Discover how children’s ministry director Gina McClain and her husband have steered their children away from the subject of sex and toward the subject of purity.

Successful man

7 Habits of Effective Men

Effective men get the job done. Discover what characteristics are needed to be one.

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