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Angry couple argue

Sarcasm Can Destroy A Marriage

If you apologize for your sarcastic, biting words, it is likely that your mate will, too. Loving language encourages loving language in another.

dad and baby

Infants: Extreme Birth Control

Have you ever looked forward to a night of romance with your wife, only to have it interrupted by your baby? Find out how Dave Meurer learned to overcome those frustrations.

Money stewardship

When Giving, Include the Three R’s

Our stewardship lifestyle should include required, responsive and revelation giving. God wants us to go beyond the discipline of the tithe.

Ostrich head in sand

Are You a Man or an Ostrich?

The fact is, you are going to face challenges. The question is whether or not you will confront them head-on or drop your head and put it in the sand.

Patrick Morley

Leave and Cleave, But Stay in Touch

Getting married and having your own family is a rite of passage in life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have a great relationship with your parents.

Father and son

Getting Your Kids to Talk to You Takes Tact

Communicating with your children isn't always easy, but family ministry expert Jonathan Cliff says creating an "atmosphere of words" in your home can be very rewarding.

Man and his daughter

Intentional Dads Can Feel Awkward Too

You may not understand your children or be the dad that you hope to be sometimes, but you can continue to strive to be the kind of dad they need.

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