Make sure you are her first date because you are her most important date. (Pixabay)

Dad, taking your daughter on dates is one of the most important things you can do for her. These dates can shape the way she will expect to be treated on dates when she is older. What example are you setting?

Here are NCF's 10 Ways to "Date Your Daughter." Make sure you are her first date because you are her most important date.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Take her to breakfast. Get up a little earlier than usual and grab a bagel together. What a great start to the day for both of you!

2. Go to the movies. Some great kid-friendly movies are coming out soon! Plan a little date night for the two of you.

3. Bring her along for the ride. It doesn't have to be special, just spend time with her. Bring her along for a drive to the store. Let her pick the music and just talk together.

4. Grab some ice cream. Ride your bikes down to the ice cream shop and enjoy a summer afternoon together.

5. Pick her up at the door. Whatever you do, show her how she should expect to be treated. Walk out of the house and then come back and knock on the door for her.

6. Do whatever she wants. What is she interested in? Basketball? Go shoot some hoops. Swimming? Plan a day at the pool.

7. Learn a skill together. Take the afternoon off and learn a new skill together! Maybe a pottery or painting class. If she is old enough, sign up for a cooking class.

8. Share with her. Share with her something that you and your dad did together. Maybe it is going fishing, watching a game or doing something adventurous. Include her in those memories.

9. Get fancy together. Let her get dressed up and take her out to dinner somewhere nice. Make her feel special and dedicate the whole night to just talking together.

10. Take her shopping. Set a budget ahead of time and make the day more about the time you spend together than the money you spend on her.

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