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woman eating apple

Healthy Diet Helps Mask the Aging Process

Discover why your skin’s visual appearance gives you a window into the internal state of your body, and why eating healthy can help you look younger.

Fruits and vegetables

7 Absolutes of Healthy Eating

With 65 percent of all Americans battling the bulge and more confused than ever, it’s difficult to know who to listen to. Here are some truths you don’t have to second-guess.

Diana Anderson-Tyler

Splenda: A Sweet Deception

Discover why fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler has completely cut artificial sweeteners like Splenda out of her diet.

Big business health

Why Is Your Health Their Business?

Christians are instructed by the Bible to be shrewd and not allow marketing and advertising to influence our food and beverage choices.

Child vaccine

People, Networks May Sway Parents’ Vaccine Choices

A Washington state survey revealed that social networks can be an influence in parents’ decisions whether or not to have their kids vaccinated against preventable diseases such as chickenpox and measles.


Athletes Know No Age Boundaries

Just because you’re getting up in age doesn’t mean it's too late to work out and train to keep your body fit.

Before and after weight loss surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Colon Cancer Risk

Although the reason hasn't been determined, one possibility is that dietary changes after surgery, and increasing protein in particular, could raise cancer risk.

Food allergies

Hidden Food Allergies Present Tricky Issues

It is those undigested protein molecules that cross over into your systemic circulation that cause all the tummy upset many Americans are complaining about.

Pregnant woman

FDA Approves Morning Sickness Drug

Diclegis, a drug similar from one withdrawn 30 years ago amid claims that it caused birth defects, is back on the market.

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