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Germs and bacteria

Top 10 Dirtiest Places in the Home

You may think your home is spotless, but even the cleanest homes can have billions of germs. Find out where they are hiding.

Is that hunger or your appetite?

How to Take God’s Appetite Suppressant

Have you given yourself away to God rather than your appetite? Find out how you can experience increased peace and joy in your life and the blessing that comes from right thinking and right living.

Juicing stuff

Raise a Glass to Your Destiny

Discover how to avoid becoming one of God’s army who is simply lying on the battlefield, down due to chronic diseases.

Steve Reynolds, the 'anti-fat pastor.'

Pastor, What’s On the Plate You're Passing?

Pastor Steve Reynolds—the "anti-fat pastor"—says the reason so many Christians are overweight is because so many pastors are overweight and have neglected this portion of the Word of God.


See Red and Lose Weight

Find out how eating tomatoes will not only help you shed pounds, but also reduce the risk of some potentially fatal diseases.

Depressed girl

Can the Church Respond to Depression?

If you or a loved one is suffering from the hopelessness of depression, find out what you should do to help begin the process of emotional healing.

Pork ribs

Diana Anderson-Tyler: My Beef With Pork

While fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler doesn’t condemn anyone who eats pork, she does have a few eye-opening revelations about swine for those who do.


How to Blast Fat With Strawberries

Discover in what ways eating strawberries can make you healthier and suppress your appetite, and why you should include them in your diet this summer.

Girl eating ice cream

How to Overcome Sugar Cravings

If that candy bar or ice cream cone is calling your name, discover what you can do to ignore that voice and eat something healthy.