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Before and after weight loss surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Colon Cancer Risk

Although the reason hasn't been determined, one possibility is that dietary changes after surgery, and increasing protein in particular, could raise cancer risk.

Food allergies

Hidden Food Allergies Present Tricky Issues

It is those undigested protein molecules that cross over into your systemic circulation that cause all the tummy upset many Americans are complaining about.

Pregnant woman

FDA Approves Morning Sickness Drug

Diclegis, a drug similar from one withdrawn 30 years ago amid claims that it caused birth defects, is back on the market.

Doctor and patient

Panel: Counsel Women With Likely BRCA Family History

A government panel said there is no benefit—and potential harm—in testing women for mutations if they have no family history of breast or ovarian cancer, or if their family history doesn’t suggest an underlying genetic cause.

Soybeans lung cancer

High-Soy Diet May Help Fight Lung Cancer

A study at the Vanderbilt University school of medicine revealed that women fighting lung cancer who ate a diet rich in soy lived longer than those who didn’t.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs May Reduce Hot Flashes

A new study has revealed that women who took a Chinese herbal formula experienced less than half the number of menopausal hot flashes they had before the treatment.

Girl eating apple

WWGE: What Would God Eat?

When it comes to weight loss and our bodies, we tend to forget that God has a plan for us and how we should live.

Lady Laughing

Laughter: Indeed the Best Medicine

Maintaining a good sense of humor has proven to be a major benefit to the physical and mental health of individuals, especially in their golden years.