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Healthy Eating: Simpler Than You Think

Our goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. Why is it as difficult for us to figure out how to eat healthier meals as it is to find the time to exercise.

Pregnant woman IVF

Study: IVF Not Linked to Cancer

Women who have had in vitro fertilization can be assured that the procedure does not increase their risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

Exercise and obesity

Home Altitude Tied to Obesity Risk

A new study reveals that people who live where the air is thinnest tend to be less obese than those in low-lying areas.

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Five Ways to Shed Pounds at Work

Whether it’s taking a walk around the block at lunch or bringing healthy snacks, there are several ways you can drop weight while you’re at the office.

Pregnant teen

Teen Births Continue to Decline in US

A government report revealed that the declining economy and increased use of contraceptives are factors in the drop in the amount of babies born to teen mothers.

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Fill’er Up...With Fiber

High-fiber foods not only taste good, they’re also major contributors to good health and disease prevention.

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