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Kimberly Taylor

What Makes You Mad?

What is it that grieves you or angers you so much that you are moved to do something about it?

Are you honoring God with your body?

How to Get Unstuck in Your Fitness

Have you surrendered your body to God? Find out what it takes from the anti-fat pastor and author of Bod4God, Steve Reynolds.

Diana Anderson-Tyler

3 Serious Questions for the Undereater

Overeating is certainly an issue in America, but so is undereating. Find out what fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler has to say about this destructive counterpart to gluttony.

Will you let God help you break the stronghold food has over you?

Is Food Your God?

How many times a day do you think about eating, whether you’re hungry or not? Find out how God can help you break that stronghold.

How much sleep do you get each night?

6 Reasons to Honor Thy Slumber

A 2012 study found that 30 percent of American adults sleep fewer than six hours a day. Find out why that simply isn’t a good thing.

Smiling woman

The 5-Minute Depression Cure

Are you aware of all of the spiritual blessings God has bestowed upon you? In case you’ve forgotten, here are some of them.

Weight scale

The Secrets to Losing Stubborn Fat

As frustrating as it is for many, there are some steps you can take to help eliminate stubborn fat. Read and find out what they are.

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