The Early Cancer-Detection Test Your Doctor Doesn't Want You to Know About

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Americans are led to believe that the only way to discover cancer is by waiting for a tumor to grow big enough for a mammogram, a biopsy or a PET scan to detect it. Jenny Hrbacek proves this to be dead wrong. Her book Cancer-Free! Are You Sure? (Oct. 2, 2018) empowers readers to seek early testing and treatments that are personalized to their health needs. These treatment options can be lifesaving, as tumors can grow undetected for seven to 10 years. Hrbacek gives you the tools to be an advocate for your own health.

Building on her knowledge as a nurse as well as her own journey with breast cancer, Hrbacek stresses that cutting out a tumor is not the cure. In her book, she shares how she originally believed having a double mastectomy would uproot the problem. Instead, 10 days after the initial surgery, Hrbacek found a 2.4-mm seed of cancer cells on a lymph node. This changed everything.

"It was starting to make sense why oncologists want patients to come in for checkups every six months. ...They know the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation they're offering are not a cure but only a treatment—which can be repeated for additional revenue," Hrbacek says.

What followed were chemotherapy treatments with brutal side effects. She began attending a support group, where cancer recurrences were common among the members.

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Hrbacek vowed to stay cancer-free and not become a statistic. Not only did she radically change her lifestyle, but she also educated herself on the range of technologies that can detect cancer as early as possible. Cancer-Free! Are You Sure? is a bundle of what Hrbacek found so that readers can forge their own path to stable health.

Cancer-Free! Are You Sure? features:

  • Steps to accessing the most current early-detection tests
  • Treatment options other than chemotherapy, surgery and radiation
  • A free resource download to find information for contacting integrative cancer physicians
  • Insight as to which drugs and natural therapies are effective for which cancers

Hrbacek explains where to get the most effective tests, what those tests look for, how much they cost and how accurate they are. Cancer-Free! Are You Sure? enables readers to gain control of their health and stop cancer before it's unstoppable.

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