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Sun and heat syncs perfectly with the natural hymns of summertime, but the importance of vitamin D, increased with sun exposure, is one of many important tips shared by Dr. Bob, “The Drugless Doctor." The all-natural health expert shares necessary tips and insight on this season’s brightening factor.

Use organic sunscreen. Regular sunscreens are oftentimes filled with toxins like sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals such as oxybenzone which functions to absorb ultraviolet light. With research showing oxybenzone ability to absorb through the skin, using blockers greater than SPF 8 can block the useful effect of the sun.

Avoid sunburns for good. Avoiding synthetic oils and trans fat(s) decreases the chance of getting sunburned all while dealing with the uncomfortable sensations. Since vitamin D acts as a fat tissue hormone, which helps pull calcium from the intestine into blood, the proper intake of vitamin F (omega-3 oils) can easily transport the calcium to the outer layers of skin tissue. When mixing oil with calcium the ultimate skin barrier is formed thus protecting individuals from the UV rays.

Timing is crucial. Enter the beams during the early morning hours, from 8 a.m. until 10:30 a.m., and in sun-heavy states steer clear from 11 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., steering clear from the potential negative impact. Geographic location or sun angle is also key, as sun affects individuals faster than cities in the north.

The right exposure is key. Focus on exposing arms and legs to UVB rays as the face accelerates sun damage and wrinkles. Wear a hat with a visor and steer clear from facial sun exposure for long periods of time.

Minerals and oils are essential. Flax oil, marine oil, and calcium lactate all attribute to strengthening and protecting the skin. Take up to one tablespoon of oil per day per one hundred pounds and take up to four or six calcium lactate or citrate each session on an empty stomach.  

Dr. Robert DeMaria is a best-selling author and an all-natural health expert who is a regular on the TBN Network and ABC Family. For additional information please visit

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