In the year 2020, it will be 400 years since the Mayflower sailed to America from England on the 2,750-mile journey, which took 66 days. Of the 103 passengers and 30 crew, only one-half survived the first winter due to the harsh conditions disease and lack of supplies.

As we celebrate the landmark anniversary, in 2020 NASA will be sending its Rover to Planet Mars and plan to fly the first helicopter over the surface. The journey from Earth is 34 million miles and takes around 250 days. Though there will be no passengers or crew on board this trip, a planned manned mission is expected four years later, in 2024.

Man's achievement in 400 years is breathtakingly incredible but probably beyond our comprehension to visualize what mankind will be in the next 400 years at 2420. At this time, it's possible Mars will be inhabited, and the disease and lack of supplies or another factor will have reduced the occupancy of Planet Earth.

One way or the other, we are all pilgrims on a journey; we believe there are two destinations, and we have a choice in our life actions where to go. Decision time is very short; however, the time of journey is instant, though the date of departure unknown for most. Get ready for the journey, plan ahead for your stay and remember the one-way single ticket is free. You will leave as you entered, taking nothing with you, traveling light.

Safe journey.

Martin Clarke is a London businessman and a member of Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church in London.

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