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letter of James in Bible

Recovering the Lost Letter of Jacob

Michael Brown says it is high time the English-speaking church recovers the long-lost letter of Jacob, which we have wrongly called the letter of James for the past 500 years.

Barack Obama

Obama's Acrobatics on Homosexual 'Marriage'

The number of flip-flops President Obama has now performed on the issue of marriage would be impressive for an Olympic gymnast. Read about how his views on homosexual marriage have changed, and what it means for the U.S.


Obama Drops His Family Friendly Mask

President Obama promised to "fundamentally transform America." Few then realized he meant it. More than re-defining marriage, he is abolishing it.


Carman Searches for Meaning in Cancer Diagnosis

With so many emotions rolling through his soul, Carman thought to himself, “Wow, is this how it ends?” Read more about the artistic evangelist's first reactions to his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Chief Justice John Roberts, President Barack Obama

Killing the Obamacare Zombie: Hope Lives!

Though it may seem as though any hope of repealing Obamacare is gone, Matt Barber explains why there is still a chance Chief Justice John Roberts could strike it down.

Kim Kardashian

Sex Tape Celebrities Are Leading Our Teens Astray

What does it say about our culture that a teenager would think the path to becoming a powerful woman is by making a sex tape? Let’s make sure we help our young women see through this confusion, Ron Luce says.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Can Do No ... Right?

A. Larry Ross discusses quarterback Tim Tebow, who, embroiled in a controversy surrounding Robert Jeffress' First Baptist Church in Dallas, has been rejected by the world and criticized by the church.

Michael Brown

Why I Love the Message of Grace

Michael Brown shares his story of how he accepted Christ and came to know His grace, while explaining why he continues to contend for grace without mixture.


When You Find Out You Married Your Sister

Michael Brown explores the tragic consequences to the breakdown of the family in our generation, which can produce not just fatherless kids, but married couples with the same biological father. 


Look At America: Why Focus On World Evangelism?

We’re losing ground right here. How can we possibly talk about evangelizing the world? David Shibley offers a Scriptural answer for world evangelism despite the condition of America.

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