Science Professor: Many 'Christians' Have Simply Lost Faith in God's Word

Ivan Rudolph (Ivan Rudolph Facebook page)

Although the biblical worldview in America has dropped to about 6%, author and highly qualified science teacher Ivan Rudolph isn't convinced that Americans have abandoned their faith completely. But they have lost their burning desire to read and put the Bible into action.

In other words, God hasn't moved one bit. Man—including a great deal of the church—has, says Rudolph. Man chooses to believe his own theories, not those set down by God.

A case in point—evolution vs. creationism. Rudolph explores it in his new book, Your Origin and Destiny: Explore the Meaning of Life, Time and Creation, as well as the truth about the destiny of every man.

"The biblical worldview has been diminishing. It seems that they have lost a degree of confidence in the Bible," Rudolph told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "They still believe in the Bible, just not all of it all of the time. And if you're hesitant to mark section of the Bible, your biblical worldview is going to be difficult to transmit to your kids. That's sort of the issue.

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"So, restoring Christian confidence that what the Bible says—when you really look at the original words and tell us what the Bible says—is actually accurate, is probably my main reason for writing the book," Rudolph says. "But also it is to reconcile between Christianity and science because the division should never have happened.

"Many Christians who didn't get the Bible, who didn't really study it, sort of launched an attack, and that's caused the division," he says. "I would love to see that division heal."

For more of Ivan Rudolph's thoughts on the shrinking biblical worldview, listen to the entire podcast.

Your Origin and Destiny explores the meaning of life, time, evolution and creation. Do you ever wonder who you are and why you're on this earth? Harnessing science and faith, Ivan Rudolph, author of Living Beyond: Making Sense of Near Death Experiences (2015), offers unique revelations and research that will lead to you expanding your own perspectives in all these areas, even if you have thought them through in the past. You'll find that time itself is different and far beyond our assumptions and experiences. Finding answers to life's most pressing questions will leave you touched, satisfied and excited.

Have you ever wondered whether the fundamental evolution vs. creation disagreements can be resolved? They can, and Rudolph analyzes why our own beginnings are entrenched in this issue, and how the confusion and distress of this redundant debate has caused many to abandon belief in an eternal God and an afterlife.

This easy-to-read book, Your Origin and Destiny, is a unique and poignant approach to life's most important questions. You will be inspired by your fresh understanding and vision to pursue a fulfilling life of purpose and love, leading you into an eternal future. Most importantly, you will see yourself in a vibrant new light that will follow you long after the last page.

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