Lifting the Veil of Deception Surrounding COVID-19 Conspiracies, Ungodly Agendas

In 1787, a woman asked Ben Franklin what sort of government the Founding Fathers had given the people. He said, "A Republic," then added, "if you can keep it." America, with all its spots and blemishes, is still a true gift from God ... if we can keep it.

As of now, we have the ability to self-govern and enjoy God-given freedoms. But the founders also realized that religion must be the foundation for the republic to last, as John Adams made clear when he stated, "Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other." The reason Christian values are so important is because they promote self-control. Without self-control, there is more government intervention, oversight and authority. "Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet" (Robert Charles Winthrop).

We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom and truth. We shouldn't be naive and gullible, but we also cannot disregard everything as conspiracy theories. If something is true, it's not a theory. We are being flooded by misinformation primarily because of deception, and deception must be veiled, at least initially, to accomplish its purpose. Isaiah 33:6 offers one way to unveil deception. God reminds us that wisdom and knowledge must be the stability of our times. God commands us to expose the unfruitful works of darkness with the truth (Eph. 5:11). Truth is the only thing that stabilizes.

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You might not take an interest in politics, but politics takes an interest in you. There are clearly forces working to undermine God, our nation and our families. So this begs the questions: When do we ignore so-called conspiracy theories, and when do we pay attention? When do we sit up, take notice and expose the unfruitful works of darkness? I believe that we need to expose and rip away the veil of deception and recognize what we see around us when:

—It's an attack on God's character and His Word.

—It's an attack on God-given freedoms.

—When it harms or oppresses the innocent.

—When sin is legally sanctioned. Legal is not always lawful.

For instance, HR-6666 (if passed) would authorize the secretary of Health and Human Services "to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals' residences and for other purposes." I can't even begin to tell you how harmful this can become. To call this an overreach is an understatement—it's a travesty. It could lead to removing sick or healthy family members from homes and tracing those with COVID-19.

For example, if a family only has one bathroom, Ventura County (and probably others) said they could physically remove the infected family member from their home if the others test negative. But once this information hit the national media, they quickly backpedaled.

Granted, I think that many elected officials and medical personnel are trying to do what's best from their vantage point. But others are trying to push what they can to see what will be allowed. It may sound reasonable, even wise to those who are panicked about COVID-19, to take extreme measures, but what prevents the same contact tracing and home invasions being used for whatever other reasons the government deems "essential"? And why are we shutting down the economy for this but not other pandemics? As a matter of fact, since the 1600s America has experienced health-related epidemics such as typhoid, scarlet and yellow fevers every 15 years or so, but we have never taken such extreme measures. Jim Garlow and David Barton gave an incredible breakdown on this during a recent podcast titled A History of Pandemics. It's a must-hear.

An Agenda That's Not Hard to Miss

By now, many feel that there is a clear agenda at work. I don't have time to go into all the inconsistencies such as one day they tell us to wear masks, but in other videos they tell us not to. Or why criminals are being released and law-abiding citizens are being arrested. But let me offer a few relevant examples. For one, Dr. Fauci, when speaking at Georgetown University in 2017, warned of a "surprise outbreak" during the Trump administration. Was this just a good guess? Secondly, the World Health Organization, the CDC, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are all connected; they all have vested interests in the current pandemic. Some have reported that Dr. Fauci even owns patents for elements of the virus. This should be looked into. Journalist Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News reporter, has exposed many other inconsistencies as well.

I understand that we need to be ultracareful when reporting, but we must speak out when ulterior motives are being exposed. Also, it's clear that Google hides facts that don't fit its narrative yet pushes websites and fake stories that support its political views. I find it ironic that Google can't hide or remove child porn, but it can censor the truth and veil deception.

Many speculate that the receptors on the virus were bioengineered and that they used elements of SARS 1 (the chaise) and HIV receptors (the spikes that penetrate the cells) and combined them for SARS 2, or what we call COVID-19. This is why so many Americans are beyond angry. Thirdly, we see skewed numbers, fake pictures and elevated stats to instill fear. As just one example, a recent story of a man dying of alcoholism caught national attention because the cause of death was recorded as COVID-19.

There are numerous other stories as well, such as doctors being told to write COVID-19 as the cause of death even if it was not. The San Diego Union-Tribune just ran a story quoting Supervisor Jim Desmond as saying, "We've unfortunately had six pure, solely coronavirus deaths—6 out of 3.3 million people." I'm not minimizing even one death, but there is a greater chance of dying just walking down the street than from COVID-19 in most parts of the USA.

It appears that this is no longer about a virus; it's about an election. Why is the governor in California talking about mail-in voting in November but opened a voting center in Lancaster in May? Because the Republican Mike Garcia was poised to win (and did). I respect my governing official and pray diligently for him and his wife and their kids, but we are reaching a point where we must lovingly ask hard questions. Irrational reactions, inconsistent policies and a severe overreach of authority are devastating our nation. We must remove the veil of deception. Sadly, the new deception is that if you are for freedom, then you are selfish.

The Veil of Vaccination Propagation

I'm not necessarily opposed to every single vaccine, but it's clear that many are not helpful or beneficial—a healthy immune system is far more valuable. Why do we push vaccines but not healthy alternatives? Many realize that the big push for vaccines is also bathed in ulterior motives and driven by revenue. A friend of mine, Dr. Daniel Pompa, made a great point when he said that "vaccines actually stimulate the wrong immune system. The Th1 response is lifetime immunity, generated when you get the disease and the body destroys it, just like God designed us. The Th2 response is a temporary immunity, which is what a vaccine stimulates. You will then need boosters due to the immunity being only temporary. So, instead of helping the body, you actually create hyperimmunity and autoimmunity." This may be why Dr. Fauci told Congress, "There's no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective." Did you catch that?

In my fitness background, I learned that known toxins like mercury, aluminum retroviruses and the like are added to stimulate the immune system. These neurotoxins wreak havoc on the body. Additionally, most vaccines have aborted fetal tissue as the vehicle of delivery because it's a natural tissue. I can hear it now: "But what about diseases like polio?" It's been suggested that if you view the CDC graph for polio, it actually shows how it went up after the introduction of the vaccine. And it was already down due to herd immunity.

On that note, many worried Americans have been asking, "Why did the president say what he did supporting mass vaccination?" I believe he had to say exactly what he did to remove the intense fuel of criticism from the mainstream media. Unfortunately, this balancing act is like playing poker or chess; he must use extreme wisdom during this volatile time.

What's the Real Answer?

What's the answer? It's simple, but it's not easy. We must turn back to God with a spirit of humility and not approach others with a renegade spirit of rebellion; we must repent of our cavalier attitude. We also need watchmen at this pivotal point in America's history. God asked in Psalm 94:16, "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" We must be loving, yet vocal; peaceful, yet bold: "I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem, who shall never hold their peace day or night" (Isa. 62:6a). So it begs the question, are you a watchman, or have you cowardly run back from this enormous responsibility?

It's not that we will never fear; it's what we do with the fear that matters. We have a refuge during the storm if we will run to Him. I don't want to downplay what's going on, but I also don't want to amplify fear. The Bible tells us not to worry; instead, it provides hope. It's honest about the consequences of sin and pending judgment, but it also offers a solution: Turn to God with all your heart is a consistent theme in Scripture. How people respond to a crisis clearly reveals who or what they trust in. God is always the answer.

Note: For those interested, you can hear the sermon where this article came from here.

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