What COVID-19 Restrictions Could Mean Legally for the Church's Future

What are the church's constitutional rights when it comes to meeting, despite the COVID-19 restrictions? (Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash)

As a pastor, Sam Rohrer, without question, believes in the authority of Scripture. And because of that, he says, he believes God's Word holds all the answers for the cultural needs of this nation.

As president of the American Pastors Network, Rohrer is using his God-given biblical authority to help Christians and church leaders understand their rights and the rights of the church, especially as related to governmental restrictions set down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He asks the question, "What truth should we seek when we are told we cannot meet as a church body because of these restrictions?"

"People are being put in positions of having to decide on things that have never confronted them before," Rohrer tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "We, as a people, don't know how to go about making good decisions. And I believe there are two parts to it.

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"There's God's moral law, and there is that which is universally established, the law that governs the people. Our rights come from God, our Creator—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's private property," he says. "All of those things are found in the Constitution, and they are founded in biblical truth and biblical precedent. So, in making a decision, we have to first say, 'What does the Bible say by command or by principle?' And then, as it affects us in the culture, now we're stepping into the realm of civil authority. We have to look to the highest law in that area, and that happens to be our Constitution. ...

"The Constitution is 100% consistent in every way with biblical truth. Those two walk together—the highest moral law and the highest constitutional law. Take God out of the Constitution, and it cannot stand. You throw out the Constitution, and you have thrown out God. You've got those in office saying, 'Church, you cannot meet physically.' As church leaders, we have to walk through and say, 'What do we do about this? Is it right? Is it constitutional? Is it biblical?'

"They're saying, 'You cannot meet as a church anymore because there's a health factor risk. But we're going to let the tavern open down the street or a movie theater.' When that happens, it becomes unconstitutional."

For more about the church's constitutional rights with Sam Rohrer, listen to the entire podcast.

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