After posting an “emergency update” on Sunday sharing that he was “worried—really worried” about a “fatal infection,” legendary Christian singer Carman on Tuesday offered a sign of relief.

“It looks like the sun may have just popped his head out to say hello," he wrote on his Facebook page. "The doctors where just in my room and we had a long talk. They assured me that what I'm going through as a cancer patient is something most all patients go through at some point. It's part of the process.”

Carman went on to explain the problem: He developed a virus doctors couldn’t identify until the fever broke. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday with a 104-degree temperature, shaking, and chills, and pecked out a Facebook update in the midst of the illness because he knew when the “prayer savages” read his request, “the devil was facing a series New Jersey beat down.”

“They could not stop the fevers," Carman wrote. "The lowest they would go was 102. So I put on my 3 time UFC Champion and friend ‘Royce Gracie’ T-shirt I got for Christmas, just for attitude. I must have slept 15 hours and when I woke up I was soaking wet. My pillows, clothes blankets were drenched. I called the nurse cause I thought I knocked over a pitcher of water that I always have within reach.”

At that point, Carman reports, medical personnel scrambled to redress everything and check his vital signs. When they did, his temperature was normal.

“I guess God put me in a deep sleep like Adam and pulled out a surprise," Carman wrote. "Personally, I would have rather woke up next to Eve than a sweaty T-shirt, but the fever was more important at the time (ugh). The doctor told me I will be released on Thursday and home in time to watch the UFC Championship on Saturday.”

Carman described the event as the most difficult trial over the last eight months of myeloma cancer treatment. He described the experience as “5 months of hell” but said he’d be back in the gym lifting weights and running the treadmill in three weeks because, he proclaimed, “the cancer will be gone.”

“Thank you all once again. In more ways than one this is your tour, your record, your outreach,” Carman says. “I was down for the count and preparing my personal affairs when you came flooding in with your encouraging posts, your finances and your prayers. You all were the ones who ‘willed’ me back to life. So will I be on stage, on tour in the best shape of my life? As Rocky would say ‘absolutely.’”

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