Fair Doesn't Live Here but Jesus Does

In her new book, Holding On When You Want to Let Go, Sheila Walsh talks openly about how she continues to hold on to hope each day.

Party Boy to Prophetic Pastor

He tried college and he tried the Marines but Greg kept coming back to the only thing he was "successful" at; and that was being a party boy.

Why Do The Nations Rage?

These circumstances were clearly foretold three thousand years ago from the very mount of God ... Mount Zion.

Prosperity: Why Do You Give?

Is it based on helping others? Or is it about some teaching on financial prosperity that will help you get rich quick?

33,000 Atomic Bombs?

Go with me on location as we explore the important Bible lessons that can be learned from one local "natural disaster" that took place on May, 18th 1980.

Afghanistan: Our Story of Escape

One of our friends, our regional leader, called us and told us that the Taliban might be entering the city in a few days and that we need to leave immediately.
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