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Your marriage is under attack! There is an enemy behind all the problems your marriage is facing:

  • The conflict, the walls and the apathy
  • The lack of intimacy—physically and emotionally
  • The big problems such as addiction, abuse or pornography
  • The life problems eroding the connection between you

When facing marriage misery, it's easy to see your spouse as the enemy.

But the enemy of your marriage is not your spouse!

Your real enemy is Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

You may know that intellectually but find it hard to feel that emotionally when you are trapped in marriage misery. As in military warfare, if you cannot identify the real enemy of your marriage, you will never be able to defeat him.

Satan fights against your marriage with such vengeance because he knows how much destruction an unhealthy marriage can cause. And he also knows how much destruction a healthy marriage can bring to his kingdom of darkness!

You can learn to fight for your marriage—successfully!

Launching attacks against your spouse only makes things worse. You need to find a way to join forces with your spouse—and with God—to fight against the real enemy of your marriage and win!

It's more than just prayer.

Prayer is one absolutely vital ingredient in fighting for your marriage, but it's not the only one.

I challenge you to fight for your marriage!

Identifying the real enemy of your marriage and learning how to defeat him while fighting for your marriage will:

  • Help you direct your emotional energy where it can do the most good
  • See your spouse and your marriage with a new perspective
  • Know how to pray effectively
  • Experience the next measure of Christ's victory in your marriage

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