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Health care costs continue to spiral out of control. (Getty Images )

Rarely do I deal with political issues in the Strang Report, but I decided to weigh in on the health care debate because I believe health care costs are continually spiraling out of control. No wonder insurance costs are through the roof. I believe this is one of the things lawmakers must focus on as they consider repealing and replacing Obamacare.

I recorded a podcast today describing some of the experiences I've had in trying to facilitate medical care for my 88-year-old mother. I also explain some of my own behind-the-scenes experiences when I went through prostate cancer. I saw up close and personal that there were almost no controls on cost. And when I inquired about costs to find out what I had to pay myself, I discovered no one seemed to know or care.

I also discovered other patients going through prostate cancer had no idea what their treatment cost; they only knew it was "covered by insurance." With huge medical costs—not to mention the high costs of pharmaceuticals—insurance companies are certain to charge high rates.

I believe, as Christians, we must be interested in what's going on in the world around us. I don't suggest that I'm an expert on health care. But I believe voices like mine need to speak out and encourage our lawmakers to get a handle on these astronomical medical costs. And I don't hear that being discussed in the debates about repealing and replacing Obamacare.

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Listen to my podcast and get much more information than I have shared here. As I've said, I rarely comment on political issues like this, so please give me your feedback if you have an opinion on this subject, find it interesting or if I caused you to think about some of the things I shared.  


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