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How can we change this trend?
How can we change this trend? (Charisma archives)

I remember a time I visited a church in the U.S. with a friend, and during the worship service, I saw a man in a wheelchair that was paralyzed from the waist down and the rest of his body was distorted. As the Spirit of the Lord started to move, I saw this man raise his twisted arm up to acknowledge his adoration to the Lord. Tears ran down my face, as my spirit felt grieved for this man.

My heart ached within me for two reasons. The first reason, physically he was weak, but his spirit was strong, yet it was trapped inside of a broken body, and he needed a miracle. The second reason my heart ached is that I desired to pray for the man, but he and the others that he came with were whisked out the door before the service ended. The presence of the Holy Spirit was present to heal, but no opportunity was offered.

The other day, I had an in-depth conversation with a pastoral friend concerning faith and healing. We were discussing the following questions: "Why are people in the United States not healed?" "Why is it so difficult for Christians in the U.S. to receive healing?" 

And "What is it going to take to have a mighty move of God with divine healings and miracles manifesting on a regular basis?"

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My response to these questions all revolve around the theme of faith. Our faith must be stirred in order to receive healing. When I say that our faith must be stirred, I am not referring to a moment when emotions are high. Faith hasn't anything to do with emotions. Faith is trust. And we need to be able to trust in God and His Word to receive healing.

If the church is not teaching about divine healing, then the people will come to the service without any expectations to receive healing from God. And they will return to their homes just as they came, weak and sick. If we as individuals do not read and study the Bible concerning healing, we will not be able to trust in God's promises that His healing power has been made available for us today. Therefore, we will suffer and die prematurely because we do not understand God's will to heal us.

God is not withholding His healing power from the people of the United States. The manifestation of divine healing is not given because people are poorer or have greater needs than others. It's not supernaturally dispersed because one lives in a certain region of the world.

The reason healing does manifest more readily in certain parts of the world is because the Word of God for divine healing is being taught in those lands on a regular basis, so their faith is developed more than ours to receive divine healing for their physical bodies.

In order to develop our faith or trust in God to receive healing, we need to hear His Word concerning healing. If the church desires a mighty move of God within her midst with signs and wonders following, then she must be willing to open up the Bible and teach the full gospel of the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ, which includes divine healing, and then offer the opportunity to be healed. We as individuals need to be responsible too, and read and study God's Word for ourselves, and stir up our own faith to receive His healing power into our bodies, or to release it to others.

If we will saturate ourselves and the land in which we live with the Word of God concerning healing, then faith for healing will arise and healing will manifest.

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:17, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

What do we need to do for healing to manifest?

  1. Study the Word concerning healing.
  2. Teach healing to others.
  3. Offer opportunity for healing.

Then supernatural healing will manifest in our midst, regardless of our geographical location.

Becky Dvorak is a healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic. Visit her at

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