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Loren Cunningham says a great awakening has only begun to "sprout." (Getty Images )

Founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Loren Cunningham believes intercessors and others who perceive the spirit realm see the beginning of the greatest awakening in the history of mankind. He says, "It has only 'sprouted,'" and most people won't recognize it until it grows into a tree. But he believes it's happening.

Loren cites statistics showing Christianity is growing faster than the population. For example, shortly after the time of Christ, in the early church, one of 360 people on earth were believers. By 1,000 A.D., 1 in 220 was a believer; and by 1500 A.D., it had grown to be 1 in 69. Then there was an explosion of growth after the Reformation and, by 1900 when the earth's population grew to one billion, 1 in 27 were followers of Jesus.

Today, with 7.3 billion people on earth, 1 in 10 follow Jesus and, if you include "cultural Christians" (such as "I live in Norway and therefore I'm a Christian"), it's 1 in 4.

Cunningham shared this with me on a recent Strang Report podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. Here, you can listen to him share his vision for "Call to All," which is the Great Commission call to see the Bible in all the known languages of the world.

We also discussed how the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and YWAM organizations are "marrying" the prayer and missions movements. Loren is calling for 1 million intercessors to pray for world missions to complete the Great Commission.

I reported earlier that Loren and others believe a great awakening is happening. This is encouraging at a time when we see the church in North America retreating.

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I have recorded several podcasts with Loren while he was in our offices recently, and I will be writing about those in the next couple of weeks.

I encourage each of you to become a part of the 1 million prayer warriors Loren Cunningham is calling for.



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