Why do excavators go to places of ruins? It's because there is treasure. (Flickr )

This is a season of blessing and breakthrough. There are surface blessings easily available, but there is also in-depth breakthrough for those who will mine it out of the ruins and hidden places.  

Why do excavators go to places of ruins? It's because there is treasure. They carefully dig deep to unearth the most amazing things hidden in the rubble.

So it is in our lives. And make note, there is treasure in the places of your ruins. (Click here to read the "Four Words of Restoration That Bring Freedom and Joy").

Even as we consider that there is treasure in our ruins, it is important to remember that we are not to live in the past.

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As some read this, you recognize you have been stuck in the past. Most often, there are two reasons we get stuck in a season:

1. It was a great time in life in which we want to continue to relive the "glory days" or a place of anointing and don't wish to move on.

2. It was a tremendously painful season in which we can't seem to shake off the words and damage deposited. Some continue to travel back to that time and ask why. If you that is you, click here, for He has said, "I will Restore."

But whether you remain in the past for the former or latter reason, neither are productive. In fact, both will steal your future.

However, we can learn much as we sift through the ruins and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and show us the gold.

An excavator is a person who removes earth carefully and systematically from an archaeological site in order to find buried remains—hidden things.

"He reveals the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him" (Dan. 2:22, MEV).

It is interesting that this reference is 2:22. The number 2 is the number of covenant. It represents taking hold together. In addition, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the symbol ב, which mirrors the symbolism of the number 2. It is called bet, which represents man's journey. The number 22 represents the end of a cycle.

So in this context, I believe it reveals that at the end of a season (journey), there are hidden things. It is as we sit with Him (one on one, taking hold with Him) to mine these treasures that He reveals the gold of each season. Even in pain, there is much gold.

The year 2017 is a season of blessing and breakthrough. But part of that breakthrough will come as we mine for it. There are hidden things—deep things available to each of us—but we must dig for them. Manna is what was given to the Israelites each day and which sat on the surface easily available. But the wilderness was also the land of "just enough."

But to receive the Promised Land (their treasure) they had to exit the wilderness to take the land. It involved hard work to receive what was available. They had to drive out the wild beasts and inhabitants. They had to work for it and dig in to take it. It was given to them, but they had to do something to take hold of it.

This is a season for us to take hold of what He has spoken to our hearts. We are to sit at His feet, not to ask why about the past, but to ask: "What do you want to reveal for our future?" There is gold in the ruins—and healing. Don't be afraid of your past any longer, for it is past. Don't try to relive what is done, for there is no more life in it. Instead, dig for the gold and take hold of it. Just as the Israelites left Egypt with gold in their hands, so He has gold for you from that place of your past.

This is a time of blessing and breakthrough. Whether we receive surface blessing or deeper significant breakthrough is up to each of us and how willing we are to dig deep and become excavators for the gold.

"Lord, I choose to give You time to reveal to me the hidden things. It is Your glory to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search it out. Help me to search out—with the Holy Spirit—the deep treasure You have for my life and future so I may walk in the promise of Your blessings and breakthrough available in this season."

Have you experienced this and discovered treasure in the ruins? Are you ready to mine for deeper breakthrough and not just surface blessing? Leave me a comment to let me know.

Karen Hardin is an author, minister and literary agent. She is called to exhort, encourage and help raise up the remnant. She desires to empower those who have grown weary so they can re-position to walk in identity and destiny. Her work has appeared in Charisma magazine, USA TodayWorld Net Daily,,, The Elijah List and Spirit Fuel, among others. She is the author of several books. For additional information on Karen, please visit or

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