Candace Cameron Bure (Peter Svenson | © iStockphoto/mstay; albertc11)

Thirty-nine years, dozens of roles and thousands of prayers later, Candace Cameron Bure is still learning the tricks of the trade. And by trade, we don't mean Hollywood.

Rather, it's Bure's walk with God that she puts first and foremost. Her key to success in the celebrity world is based entirely on her faith, she says. The actress refuses to separate her religion from her work.

It's this very lesson that helped her make it to the finale of Dancing With the Stars and inspired her to write Dancing Through Life (B&H Books).

Now that Bure is working on Fuller House, the reboot of the family sitcom that made her famous, she's opening up about the parallels of life in the spotlight and life in Christ.

"When you go through trenches, having a season of weariness or difficult circumstances, you realize how much you rely on your faith just to pull through," Bure says. "When there are wonderful times, I think, 'This is great,' but my faith didn't change. I don't only call on God under distress. Your faith needs to be the same in the good times and have a relationship with Him in good times and difficult times."

To build her faith—and her career—Bure says she's taken to heart Paul's advice to the church of Thessalonica.
From the time she wakes up until she goes to bed, Bure is always in prayer.

The whispers of the Spirit allow her to stay strong in a secular environment. Bure grew up in the entertainment industry and says she's seen it all.

But as a Christian, she has a biblical worldview that often differs from the beliefs of those around her. Rather than shun Hollywood, though, Bure embraces her chance to be an advocate for believers. —Jessilyn Justice

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