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Broken Walls

The Father’s Dance

The Father’s Dance, which has been nominated in six categories for the 2008 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, is a call to freedom and a message of restoration for the family.

Stephen Hurd

Times of Refreshing

If there’s one thing that comes through on Times of Refreshing, it’s that Stephen Hurd is a sincere musician who enjoys encouraging others. This live recording from Hurd’s home church in Maryland hits the encouragement mark.

Martin Smith

Creating Freedom From Poverty

A trip to India inspired Delirious frontman Martin Smith and wife Anna to help the poor, and Compassion Art was born. Smith invited 12 well-known musicians and songwriters to create songs that will forever be donated to the poor—all proceeds ever generated will help the poor worldwide.

Sixpence None the Richer

A Radical New Sound

Christian music is shaking off yesterday's confines to reach an unchurched audience. Is it OK if we go mainstream?

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