Miley Cyrus Snubs Christ With Perverted Performance

You can see the slow decline of Miley's sweetie-pie persona over at least the past five years.
You can see the slow decline of Miley's sweetie-pie persona over at least the past five years. (YouTube)

Miley Cyrus didn't disappoint the many millions who tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) to see the latest trends in perversion. Cyrus took the stage Sunday night with clear intentions to destroy any lingering memories of her Hannah Montana youth.

"Shock after shock" is how People magazine described her tongue-wagging performance that included 30 drag queens dancing in sequence to her new single "Dooo It." She reportedly flashed the audience during a commercial break, ate a marijuana brownie, and complimented Kim Kardashian's nipples.

Is it any wonder why people have to ask if Cyrus sold her soul to the devil? The Parents Television Council (PTC) is rightly upset.

"MTV had an opportunity to use its powerful VMA platform to stir a young audience to aspire to something positive and uplifting. Instead they chose to perpetuate blatant sexualization—much of it self-inflicted by the artists—and to celebrate the use of illegal drugs," says PTC President Tim Winter.

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"Are we surprised that Miley Cyrus exposed herself to millions of viewers, and to more people who will inevitably see the news in the mainstream media? About as surprised as we'll be if the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning," Winter continues. "We had hoped she would have proven us wrong and demonstrate her considerable talent as a performer, rather than rely on her own sexuality to entertain the audience.

So what went wrong?

Whatever happened, it didn't happen overnight. You can see the slow decline of Miley's sweetie-pie persona over at least the past five years.

In 2008, John Travolta reportedly tried to recruit then-15-year-old Miley to the Church of Scientology. Perhaps the cult saw a crack in her shield of faith even then?

In 2009, articles starting springing up with headlines like "Miley: Party Girl or Christian?" The article, by Father Earnest Daily, asked the question, "Is Miley promoting a healthy vision of being a performer or is she slowly abandoning Christian principles?" How prophetic!

In 2011, Miley started flashing a new tattoo that supports gay marriage rights along with a Twitter post that read, "ALL LOVE is equal." That set off a full-blown Twitter brawl with some of her fans. Let's just say it got nasty, though not as nasty as her recent performances.

In 2012, articles started popping up like "Is Miley Cyrus a Convert From Christian to atheist?" and "Miley Cyrus Loses Her Religion" after she tweeted, "You are all stardust. You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded, because the elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, all things that matter for evolution) weren't created at the beginning of time. They were created in stars. So forget Jesus. Stars died so you can live."

Of course, Cyrus made her coming out debut at the 2013 VMAs with her pornographic dance with Robin Thicke. Miley's perverted performance made Beyonce's controversial Super Bowl dance look tame and Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction appear rather innocent. If publicity was MTV's goal with the R-rated performance, the broadcaster can once again claim success.

As I've said before, heads probably won't roll at MTV, but intercession should rise to the throne. We need to battle this in prayer. We need to pray for Miley and her parents who have to stand by and watch as she parades around naked and dates women.

Has Miley sold her soul to the devil? Only she and God know. What I know is this: God loves her with a passion. He's grieving over her fall—and He hasn't given up on her. We shouldn't either.

Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual AwakeningMornings With the Holy Spirit, Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of GodThe Making of a Prophet and Satan's Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft. She is the co-founder of and a leader in the New Breed Revivalists Network. You can visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and on Periscope @propheticbooks.

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