Tricia (Inpop Records)

Tricia Brock—the voice behind successful radio singles “One Girl Revolution,” “We Live” and “Stand in the Rain” by the band Superchick—releases Radiate, her debut solo album, on Aug. 13.

Brock joined the contemporary Christian girl band, which has sold more than 1 million albums and had five No. 1 singles, soon after high school and toured the world with the band as a young single. Now a wife and mother, she says the new project is a chance for her to connect more personally with listeners.

Radiate includes “Enough,” a song about trusting God when life isn’t going well; “Mirror, Mirror,” which speaks about the temporary things people chase; and “What I Know,” a tender piano ballad of praise to God.

While some themes are universal, Brock—who goes simply by Tricia now—feels the new project may endear itself to older listeners outside Superchick’s primary fan base.

“Honestly, I’ve always felt like a big sister to our fans, being there to encourage them and let them know other people have felt the same things they are experiencing and that they can make it through,” she says. “But now that I’m a wife, mom and working woman, I also have a whole new respect and understanding for a new group of people.”

While the band allowed Brock to deliver positive messages to the teens-and-younger set, she’s also aware that feelings of insecurity and self-doubt follow women well into their adult years, and they’re emotions she has also faced.

“Even as an adult, there are different areas that make me feel the same way I did in high school—that I’m not good enough, that I don’t measure up,” she says. “I have bad days, where I feel easily discouraged, depressed and listen to the fear. But those moments, in particular, are the times where I have to hold on to my faith and to let my heart be convinced of the things that my mind knows.”

The new record allowed Brock the chance to collaborate with her husband, Nick Baumhardt (Stellar Kart). The duo wrote the album and recorded it in their home studio, and Baumhardt served as its producer.

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