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Jesus Culture Music has released their fervent new 11-track CD, Emerging Voices. In this energized fusion of lyrics and music recorded live in Redding, Calif., praise wraps us in the transforming presence of God. Led by promising worship leaders Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenezller, Nate Ward and Justin Jarvis, this musical feat unveils true hearts of worship and invites us into the mix. 

True to its band name, this young generation of voices brings the power of their testimony to their music ministry, scoring a forceful, raw and relevant musical blow into the spiritual stratosphere. Tapping into heavenly sounds that stir up exultant groans, Jesus Culture Music tears through thick walls of other-centered lifestyles and grabs hold of the transcendent practice of seeking intimacy with God through praise. It’s a revolutionary call to continually press through all the noise, lies and idolatry of modern-day secular culture and exalt Jesus—table-turner of His day and ours.

Jesus-Culture-Music-Emerging-VoicesEmerging Voices reminds us that nothing the world can offer can compare with God. When we choose anything else, we’re assured to be settling for less. God has so much more for us in Jesus—our Savior, Lord and friend.

Jesus Culture Music is all about drawing people into the presence of God through praise and worship. As we do so, we come out with glowing faces and charged to transform the world around us through our personal experience of God’s love and power. 

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