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Owlegories Vol. 2: The Ant, the Fruit, the Butterfly

The newest installment of hit Christian children's series Owlegories debuts this month. Kids can check out three new animated adventures—"The Ant," "The Fruit" and "The Butterfly"—and learn the important lessons of Christ hidden in nature.


Based on a true story, Captive tells the story of Ashley Smith (Kate Mara), a drug addict whose life is transformed by God forever when she is kidnapped by escaped convict Brian Nichols (Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo). Can she escape her desperate situation? Only with God's guidance.


Though the Kendrick Brothers' War Room got all the attention last year, another movie made by a pair of brothers may have quietly been the best Christian film of 2015. Based on a true story, Woodlawn is set in Birmingham, Alabama, in the immediate wake of the government's mandated desegregation. The film follows Tony Nathan, an African-American student who joins the Woodlawn Colonels football team, a team as racially divided as the city itself. But when Jesus Movement evangelist Hank Erwin (Lord of the Rings' Sean Astin) ministers to the football team, the team is radically transformed by Christ and embarks on one of the most unlikely winning streaks in football history.

The Great Deceiver

Contrary to popular belief, the devil isn't a little guy in a red jumpsuit with a pitchfork and horns. He's the enemy of God, and his goal is nothing short of separating every individual from relationship with Christ. In this documentary, Pastor Michael Newman explains what the Bible says about who the devil really is—and how believers can fight him.

War Room

In War Room, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the creators of Fireproof and Courageous, present the story of a crumbling marriage—and how the power of prayer can ultimately save the day. As Miss Clara says, "Victories don't come by accident!" Bring home the surprise box-office hit of the summer and find out how you too can create your own battle plan of prayer.

90 Minutes in Heaven

Don Piper's best-selling memoir comes to life in this inspirational film. After Don (played by Star Wars' Hayden Christensen) is involved in a car accident, he is pronounced dead for 90 minutes—only to come back to life, claiming to have seen heaven. Kate Bosworth and Michael W. Smith also star.

VeggieTales Creator Releases Space Adventure Film Galaxy Buck

More than a decade after Jonah, VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer is back with narrative movies for the whole family. His new project—Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector Nine—borrows from classic science fiction like Star Wars and Star Trek while using characters from his acclaimed What's in the Bible? series. And in the years since he left Big Idea, Vischer's picked up a few new tricks.

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues, the sequel to the hit miniseries The Bible, packages the complete series on DVD and Blu-ray just in time for the holidays.

The Gospel of John

Tired of corny Bible story adaptations starring lily-white casts and props purchased at the local Walmart? Check out this authentic, word-for-word adaptation of the Gospel of John. Filmed on location in Morocco with a cast of unknowns, The Gospel of John debuts on DVD just in time for Christmas.

Faith of Our Fathers

An inspirational, time-hopping tale of two Vietnam soldiers—a Christian and a skeptic—whose sons meet years later to remember their fathers. The movie's star-studded cast includes Stephen Baldwin, Candace Cameron Bure and Rebecca St. James.

Beyond the Mask

In this action-packed historical adventure, an assassin on the run disguises himself as an Anglican priest. After he falls in love and his past comes back to haunt him, he is forced to confront who he really is—and to realize the only way he can achieve true freedom.


Budget cuts force Rosewood High School to cut its theater, music and dance departments, so the students decide to take matters into their own hands. They decide to create a show based on biblical parables, but have to overcome political correctness in order to show their production. Erik Estrada and Jason Crabb star.

A scene from the 'Fantastic Four.'

'Fantastic Four' Is Far From Fantastic

The reboot of the Marvel superhero franchise features a gritty tone, non-family friendly graphic violence, along with a run-of-the-mill script so-so computer-generated imagery.

The Drop Box

For the last two years, The Drop Box has been showing at film festivals and theaters across the country in limited screenings, and now it has come to DVD and Blu-ray. The documentary about Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his ministry to save South Korean children is just as impressive as its many awards would suggest.

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

Many archaeologists think that the Old Testament is just a myth. Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney disagreed and embarked on a 12-year journey across the globe to investigate such claims firsthand. This award-winning documentary reveals the startling results of his investigation.

Catching Faith

The seemingly perfect Taylor family is thrown into chaos as high school football star son Beau is caught drinking alcohol. When judgmental townspeople turn their backs, the Taylors must find strength in faith and one another to get through the crisis.

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